Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My second day to ramble

We just got back from a horse ranch where Derek rides throughout the year. We are volunteering there this summer as we did last summer. I have been volunteering all year there and have gotten pretty good at cleaning stalls and grooming horses.
Today we learned how to put the bridle on the horse and how to clean their hoofs. I didn't grow up with horses but I would now like to own my own. I have been reading up on breeds. There are hot, cold and warmblooded breeds. It has nothing to do with the horses temperature, actually, but whether they are a heavy draft horse (Clydesdale, Shire, Percheron etc.) or a light spirited one (Arabian, Thorough Bred). Most horses are warm which is to say they possess any percentage of the previous two.
I often wonder what sort of horse I would get. I think the Quarter Horses are beautiful because they are so powerfully, yet sleekly built. (For all of you that don't know their name comes from the fact that they can run a quarter of a mile faster than any other horse. They can explode into a sprint from a standing position.) If I got a paint I would name him Van Gogh or Vermeer (after a painter, get it? Paint, painter? Never mind.) I think the most beautiful horses I've seen are the Shire crosses. That is a horse that is crossbred from a shire and some other breed.
There are two horses at this ranch that are Shire crosses: MiLady and Sir Benjamin. (They title all the large bred horses.) They are not as big as the purebred draft horses but are still larger than the average warm blood breeds. Their most lovely aspect, however, is their beautiful manes. They are long and flowing and wavy. They remind me of something out of a PreRaphaelite painting.
Not only that, but the larger breeds tend to be more docile. So really, I would be wise to get a big friendly horse like a Belgian Draft or a Clydesdale. You know, I've thought it would be funny in a rodeo during the barrel races to have a huge Clydesdale come running out and whip around those barrels just as a joke because nobody'd be expecting it.
Okay.... I've exhausted that subject...

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