Sunday, August 2, 2009

Book Nooks Around My Home

Three of my favorite books: Scottish Ballades, Horse breeds and the last book contains all sorts of historical documents, such as the Declaration of Independance, Lincoln's Gettyburg Address, Washington's Inaugural Speech, and the Mayflower Compact.

This post is going to be a photographic tour of where I keep all my books.
As you will see, they are strategically placed around the house to provide minimal reaching or searching for a good read where ever I happen to plant myself. First stop the dining room.

It's probably considered rude by some, but my son and I like to read while we eat. Most of our meaningful conversations are in the car as we drive to and fro from places so I don't feel too guilty that we silently munch our food while reading our favorite books, conveniently located within arm's reach on an end table in the dining room.

This is my normal fare every morning. I start the day off with Bible study. I'm currently using a commentary by John MacArthur

The Rooster is a cozy that keeps my tea warm for those of you who were wondering.

My stack in my front living room, which is my summer reading room because it's much cooler in this room due to the shade outside. I've just finished reading the anthology of 50 Great Short Stories. Maybe I'll dive into the "Tales of a Chinese Grandmother."

Bookshelf in my front living room, also my music room. The bottom shelf contains my music books.

Next to the piano.

This was originally a gun closet. Not anymore.

This is my back living room where I read in the winter because it's a much warmer room. I love art books and when I'm not up to deciphering words, I like to relax by just looking at aeshetically pleasing images.

Derek and I always read at night before going to bed. First we read the Bible- we're currently working our way through Numbers- then we follow with a little humour by reading a short story by Pat McManus-if you've never read him, you need to go to the humor section in your local bookstore and buy a copy. He's hilarious, I consider him a modern Mark Twain. We are also finishing up Haggard's King Solomon's Mines, which I'll review (at the request of my young friend Ashley who faithfully reads my blog) in a later post.

Back living room library

The stash behind the back room's sofa

I love the art book on the right. Its theme is artistic renditions of the last supper by different artists from medieval times to present.

The nook next to my bed. I can't go to sleep unless I read a little something. I always read the Bible before going to bed. I am currently reading the Book of Mark in Spanish. After that I have begun a wonderful collection of stories about American heroes compiled by Teddy Roosevelt.

Bedroom library

Derek's library corner in his bedroom

Within easy reach of the top bunk

Last but not least, my "office".


  1. I am a bibliophile as well. Your pictures could have very well been taken in my own home. I have two full-sized bookcases in my bedroom, one in the hallway (mostly homeschooling books), a basket by the chair I generally sit in in our family room, and various books in small stacks spread throughout every other room in our home. :D

  2. Hello fellow bibliophile! What's sad is that I now have so many books that they are just lying around in little piles. I need bigger bookshelves!!
    Good for you for homeschooling. If I didn't have to work outside the home I would love to do that. As it is I have my son in a homeschool co op, which I think is the next best thing. God bless!


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