Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snowing in East Texas whoo hoo!!

Well, well, well!  Snowing in east Texas.  I know it's no big deal to all you snowbirds up north but this is a rare occasion down 'chere! Here's a few photos from around my house.
 Front yard
 Back yard

 Odie braving the snow

 Both dogs have decided it's just too darn cold!

 Both dogs are saying: "Mommy, come inside! It's cold out there!"


  1. What beautiful pictures of the snow. I lived near Palestine for two years! We're in the DFW area now. We didn't get near that amount of snow!

  2. Found you through the Blog Hop. I enjoyed your pictures, but as a Canadian I have to say - that's not snow! Snow is when you have to shovel into the drifts to find your car! And I've just about had enough of it. I'm ready for summer, or even a move south, although there might be no point if snow is falling Texas. Oh well. I think I'll just pour a cup of tea and read till spring. I like your blog. Nice to meet you, Dianne

  3. Dianne,
    I hear you. I moved down here from New Jersy. But you have to understand. Texas is a piece of land God gave Satan and Satan gave it back because it was too hot for him. Snow is marvelous!!

  4. Love the pictures! Are you sure they were not taken here in Maine?
    Debbie B.

  5. The proof that this is not Maine is that the snow is already melting. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

  6. The dogs are so cute!! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  7. I love my babies. Thanks for visiting my blog.


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