Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Florence: Second Day

Enjoying a Cappuccino and the view outside our hostel

 Yesterday Derek and I spent the day walking up and down the hills opposite the city of Florence.  I took tons of photos of the narrow streets, stone houses with flowers and plants pouring over them. 

In front of the famous bridge Ponte Vecchio across the river Amo.  Like the London Bridge, this bridge is lined with shops.

The following photos were taken in the hilly neighborhoods across the river.

Derek and I ate our lunch sitting on the curb of this secluded alley.

Walking down an avenue

Galileo's home

As you can see, I like picturesque walls and doorways.

 We also walked through a monastery and another Basilica. 

We got to a place called the Piazza del Michelangelo that overlooks Florence.  Beautiful scene! 

These water fountains were all over Italy and provided fresh drinking water.  We kept our water bottles filled, thanks to them.

This morning we had a little bit of tension when a  man below came up to our room to complain that our shower was flooding his room but our hostel manager, a tiny little girl, exchanged a lively conversation with him in Italian and it resolved.  She was very apologetic to us and told us not to worry that there is no problem. 

  Tomorrow I will tell you about the Uffizzi.


  1. I am living vicariously through your travel posts Sharon!

    Among everything I I love those fountains.

  2. I hope one day you can go there, Brian. Take care!

  3. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful city!

  4. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful city! We went there many years ago - before we had the children. Would love to go back some day!

    1. Thanks, AOG. Of course one of my very favorite places in the world to visit is England. I've been three times and lived there the last time. Have a great day and I hope your own vacation in -Spain, was it?- was enjoyable.

  5. I think if I were there, I'd need to spend a couple years photographing the streets, buildings and landscape that are unfettered by the 21st century. Thanks for spending the money for the rest of us!

    1. Joel: You're not the only one who would like to live in Italy. I think Venice is the city I'd want to live in. The trick would be to get a job that would pay for the cost of living. Thanks for looking at my blog. Take care!


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