Thursday, September 5, 2013

European Trip Day 8: Venice

Hello to all!  I am hiding
all the addresses since I keep adding people to the list to tell about my Europe trip.  I would post on facebook but I want to wait until I can download my photos. Sorry for the lack of contractions but I cannot figure out these Italian computers.

I finally have access to the internet.  We are leaving for Milan in a couple hours so I thought I would give everyone a quick update.

Yesterday Lisa, Ethan, Derek and I spent the day in Venice.  Lisa bought a 24 hour boat pass so she could take the boat bus everywhere, including the island of Murano where they blow the glass.

Derek and I opted to walk around the canals and visit  Piazza dello San Marcos.  We went to a museum where they were having an exhibit of glass structures.  Derek enjoyed it very much.  I will have photos to show later.

Because we spent so much time there I did not have time to see Manet at San Marcos.  That is OK because I will be in Paris next week and will see plenty of French Impressionism.

Venice is picturesque any way you look at it.  I enjoyed walking all over, having pastries and sandwiches at a busy cafe on a street corner and, of course, the inevitable Gelato at the end of the day.

It's a custom for newlyweds to put their initials on a lock, attach it to a bridge in Venice then through the key into the water.  I think this is very romantic... but I did see a couple of combination locks!  Hmm....

This looks like a bar but it is actually a very charming cafe where we enjoyed a delicious lunch.  There is no separate place for alcohol consumption like the bars we have in America.  Every restaurant and cafe served spirits. 

At the above cafe, enjoying dessert and a cappuccino.

Sculptures made out of glass.  Venice is famous for blowing glass.

In the foyer of the Venetian Academy of Music

I'm currently reading a book about the history of labyrinths.  It mentions the winding streets of Venice as an example of a city being structured with a labrythine design.  I can attest that it was like a maze making our way through the streets trying to find our destinations.

Not only is Venice known for its glass but also for celebrating Carnival. 

Glass figurines for sale.  As you can see, they don't give them away.

Somebody's loyal little dog.  Isn't he adorable?

Lisa with our "Camp Chef", Vincenzo.
The camp we stayed at was very clean and reasonable.  They have a nice cafeteria here.  The man who runs it is a card.  His name is Vincenzo. He cannot speak any English but we enjoy joking around with each other. For breakfast and lunch he wears a t shirt and jeans, but for dinner he put on a long black apron.  

Food?  Even at a camping cafe:  delightful!

He flirts with Lisa.  So far the Italians have been very friendly and helpful but they are especially attentive to Lisa.  I have been teasing her about it.

Saint Mark's Square.  Saint Mark's Cathedral is behind the tower.  By the time we worked our way through the maze of streets, asking for directions along the way, and finally arrived, the church was closed.  But the square is impressive.  Our modern buildings may surpass these old buildings in height but they do not exceed them in girth or beauty in architecture.

The man who owns the camp does not understand why we want to go to 
Milan.  He worked there and did not like it.  When I tried to explain to him I wanted to see Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper, he shrugged and said, "Meh".  I do not think my reaction will be the same.

Last night there was a rock concert a couple of miles away.  The band that sings, "Doctor, doctor, give me the news, Ive got a bad case of loving you..."  Anybody remember who that is?
Take care!!

(This is a copy of the e mail I sent family and friends while I was in Europe this summer.  I'm reprinting the e mails so everyone can see the photos that go along with them.)


  1. More great pictures Sharon!

    Looks and sounds like you had some great trip!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Zohar. As my British friends would say, I'm feeling pretty chuffed as to how my photos turned out. (Satisfied)

  3. The birds on a wire look like they're engaged in some sort of iconic Italian conversation. Nice composition on that one as well. Hard to believe those balloons are glass!

    1. Well, well, well! Look who got around to checking his email;))

      I'm sure the pigeons were engaged in some deep discussion on politics or something equally profound (whose going to win the World Cup soccer ?)

      Take care, Joel!


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