Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Second Day in Switzerland: Zip lining in Interlaken

Our second day in Switzerland was spent in Interlaken.  Derek and Ethan spent the afternoon zip lining through the trees on the side of a mountain.

This young lady came as across very serious and almost stern but she turned out to be very nice and accommodating.  Here she is explaining how to use the equipment.

There were different obstacle courses ranging from fairly easy (the Flying Foxes) to boot camp hard (the Soaring Eagles).  Derek had not zip lined before so he was a bit of a granny when he first scooted across.  As a result he would lose momentum about half way between the trees and have to pull himself the rest of the way across.  He learned it was better to jump off and let his weight propel him to the other side.

It was pretty cold but their clothes were soaked in sweat before long.

The man who owned the place teased Lisa and me, encouraging us to give it a try.  I informed him that I was deathly afraid of heights.  I can't even cross a bridge unless I'm in a car.

And this is how I spent the afternoon.  In the comfort of a cabin wrapped up in wool blankets.


  1. Playing in those trees looks like great fun. I fear that I too would get stuck along the way for lack of momentum!

    1. Brian: At least you'd try, which is more than I can say!

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