Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Barcelona Third Day Gaudi Park

Our final day in Barcelona, we discovered that taking the bus is dirt cheap.  We used our passes and took one all the way to Gaudi Park.  This is where Gaudi and another man had planned a neighborhood.  In the end, all the exists there is Guadi's art and the house he lived in until his death.

Really, his art speaks for itself.  It is so unusual, almost as if Gaudi had glued shards of broken pottery together.  Yet there is order and beauty in what he made.

The following photos are of Gaudi's residence.  Below is his bed.

In his room he had a place for his own private worship.  Gaudi was devoutly Catholic and it is impossible to separate his art from his intense and passionate religious beliefs.

The outside of his house.

And we come at last to the end of our trip.  Twenty-one days in Europe.  When will that ever happen again?  

I'm glad you asked.  It just so happens that I will be spending my honeymoon biking along the Rhine River in Germany this July.  Hee....hee...hee... Stay tuned....


  1. Guadi's art does indeed look so very unique and beautiful. It seems to convey a very bright but slightly chaotic feeling.

  2. Brian: I think you describe Guadi's art very well.

  3. This art work is simply great. Look at those long windows.
    That view of the church from the top is simply marvelous.

    1. HI Haddock! Thanks for visiting. I'm glad to know you've become a Gaudi fan too. Take care!


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