Sunday, November 15, 2020

Secrets and Stained Glass by S.E. Drake

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I had the great honor to edit this book for a cousin of Josh.  Shiloh Drake is 16 years old and wrote a really good mystery.  Shiloh is homeschooled and did some missionary work in Haiti.  While there she met another girl who told her life story to her.  This book is inspired from this girl's story.

It has a blatant Christian worldview so I understand it's not what everyone would be interested in, but I do hope the home school community with teenage children will give the book a try.  I'll leave a link at the end of the review.

Sorry about the inconsistent formatting.  I don't know what I did to make the paragraphs like that.

A young girl, Stacie Alwin has lived a life without love or affection. Her mother abandoned her at a young age. Her stepmother wants her out and her father is too passive or indifferent to take any action on Stacie's behalf.

Upon graduation from high school, Stacie decides to begin a new life away from her home town where she grew up and away from her stepmother and father.

Her stepmom and father muster up as much concern about her leaving as they are capable, which isn't much, and soon wave her car goodbye as it leaves the driveway.

On to the southern part of Illinois Stacie drives and arrives at a small town called Fauna, where everyone knows everyone and she soon finds herself a part of a huge church family filled with people who welcome her into their lives.

Her job is to be church secretary, which she finds satisfaction in and also enjoys a friendship with Rose, the choir director, with whom she shares the parsonage.

But soon, things go awry. Stacie hears and sees things in the rooms and hallways of the church that shouldn't be there. Are there such things as ghosts? If so, why are they here? If not, who is trying to scare her?

Thus begins a personal investigation into a church that has an odd past and perhaps a terrifying present.

This book is written for Junior High and High School level readers, although I think adults can enjoy this book as well. I certainly did. I thought the mystery was intriguing and the storyline well-developed. The characters were interesting and believable. I am glad to know that this is the first of a series S.E. Drake plans on publishing, because I already want to get to know Stacie, Rose and the townspeople of Fauna better.

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Brian Joseph said...

Congratulations to Shiloh on publishing this. That is really an achievement for someone who is 16 years old.

It is neat that you edited this too.

My formatting is often messy. Blogger is sometimes very difficult to deal with.

Have a great week!

mudpuddle said...

considering all the writers trying to get published, it's remarkable that a teenager could be; must be great book! it sounds a bit self-referential. i trust her experiences have been more kindly...

Sharon Wilfong said...

Hi Brian,

You're right about Shiloh. I certainly could not have written a story of this quality at her age.

Have a great week!

Sharon Wilfong said...

Hi mudpuddle,

Shiloh certainly puts me to shame. I've had a book on the back burner for years now. She's inspired to try to submit it or self-publish by the end of the year.

Cleo said...

Wow, what a wonderful accomplishment. My daughter was homeschooled and I know how creative homeschoolers can be. Brava and I hope she writes many more!

Sharon Wilfong said...

Thank you Cleo.

If you buy it, will you please write a review on Amazon and also your blog? Or would it be possible to be a guest blogger and reprint my review on your blog? I figure you have a lot of home school followers.