Sunday, September 13, 2009

More bookmarks

I am feeling little under the weather. Friday started at 5am with a Bible study, I'm now in Children's leadership for Bible Study Fellowship-an international Bible study that is the best study of God's word that I've ever been in; then straight to school. After school, I had to drop Derek off at swimming while I raced to work out, then back to get him and friends to take them to Team Impact at 7pm.
Saturday I had to clean my dirty house. I woke up Sunday morning with a pounding headache and have spent most of the day in bed. Hopefully, after consuming huge amounts of Vitamin C and Airbourne I will make it through tomorrow-especially since it is the first night of BSF and I'm giving the Bible lesson. For those of you who pray, we need more teaching leaders, we have children on a waiting list.
So I'm just listing a few more of my bookmarks without explanation. I am currently reading, "The Holocaust Diaries". This book is about a young Russian girl who belonged to a wealthy Tsarian family, how their life changed under Stalin's regime and how they eventually ended up in a German slave labor camp. I've only read half so I will review it next week.

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