Thursday, May 10, 2012

Paulette Harper delivers tenacious, life-

changing material. Completely Whole gives a very

practical, every day approach to becoming all Christ has

purposed you to be. The book touches on each area of life,

and gives the reader a sense of urgency to tap into one’s

purpose now! By comparing various Biblical characters

and scenarios, Completely Whole walks you through

your past and present, and thrusts you into your Christ-

purposed future. At the same time, Harper lets you know

that the fight isn’t over, but it’s all about how you receive,

process, and handle specific situations. (From the introduction.)

Ms. Harper has written an inspiring and encouraging book for those who think they have blown it, are suffering, who are strangers to God and need to come to the One who can make them whole.  Completely whole.

    In her book, Completely Whole, Ms. Harper covers a number of topics that are relevant to today’s seeker.  She begins her book by looking at life as a whole.  Why do things happen to us?  Are our expectations for a good life realistic?  What do we do when the fairy tale is replaced with painful reality?  Ms. Harper gives many biblical examples of people in the Bible from prophets to kings, their real life afflictions, and how God used them to make them the whole person he purposed them to be. 

     She shows how many of our trials are due to our abandoning God and falling into self-dug pits.  What do we do then?  How can we dare approach a God from whom we turned away?  She uses scripture to prove that no matter how far we’ve run, God is waiting for us to turn around and run back to Him.  She then gives strategies in how not to look back to where we were and how to fight Satan’s attempts to defeat us by reminding of our past.

    Her book includes steps to redemption and salvation and how God’s forgiveness makes us whole.

     Chapter six is a beautiful chapter on God’s love for us and how it compares to the worldly love we are always looking for and turning to instead of our Heavenly Father’s incomparable eternal love.

    She discusses the power of God’s word, its power and the power of our own words. Other chapters explore our faith and its integral part in our relationship with God.

     She concludes with finding God’s purpose for creating us and letting God provide direction to our life’s path that will allow us to be the complete person he has planned for us to be.

      I thoroughly enjoyed this book.   It is beautifully written and  I recommend it as a devotional for anyone who wants to grow, heal and be made completely whole in God.

I received a free copy of this book by the author.

Ms. Harper is a life coach and public speaker.  For more information:

Paulette Harper
That Was Then This is Now Video Trailer

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  1. Hi Sharon,

    What a tremendous review and greatly appreciated. It's so amazing how God uses the book to minister to others in so many different ways... such a blessing. Your review has really touched me and confirms why God used me to write Completely Whole.

    Thanks Sharon for the time you took and the review.

    Blessings always

  2. Thanks, for writing the book, Paulette. Those who speak God's truth to others will never have their words return void. May it bless many others as it did me. Take care and god bless!


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