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Free book giveaway: As One Devil to Another by Richard Platt


  In his book As One Devil to Another, Richard Platt takes up where C.S. Lewis, in his book TheScrewtape Letters, left off. Here is another correspondence between two demons, an older “uncle” giving advice to his “nephew” as to the most effective and expedient means to “win a soul” to perdition.

“Uncle” Slashreap gives lots of good advice to his “nephew” Scardagger. Scardagger’s “client” is a young woman at a prestigious University where she is working her way through the academic circles and hoops in hopes of becoming an established member of the faculty and, in her mind, a confirmed “intellectual”. I’m sorry to be using so many quotations but I believe they are all appropriate. Scardagger’s objective is to smooth the way to academic success for this young woman so by the time she achieves her aims she will be hopelessly entrenched in an arrogant, elitist mindset that will act as an effective barrier to her ever being reached by the “Adversary”.

Unfortunately for Scardagger, the Adversary is just as intent on winning the young lady over to His side and even more so since she is His child and He made her for Himself. His tactics, however, are different than the demons. He uses patience and long-suffering-never imposing His will on her but waiting for her to “draw near to Him” so He may then draw near to her. He is not, however, above putting a few people in her path. One person is a much-loved elderly aunt whose opinions she respects. This aunt doesn’t pull any punches when she lets her niece know how pretentious she’s being.

Another person is an elderly gardener who gives a powerful yet loving testimony of his own walk with the Adversary. A final person is a young scientist who, much to Slashreaps horror and Scardagger’s chagrin, falls in love with Scardagger’s lady client.

Don’t think Scardagger isn’t trying. He throws another woman called “the Minx” in the path of his client. This Minx typifies intellectual snobbery and man abusing feminism all in one package. If Scardagger’s Minx does her job right, his client will fall under her influence and revert to the affected intellectual snobbery that scorns the supernatural, upholds secularism as the pinnacle of human enlightenment and sees men as something to use, abuse and then lose.

Things go awry here, too, for poor Scardagger. Just when the Minx almost has his client in her clutches she makes the mistake of mooning over some incomprehensible garbage that is being passed off as art at a museum they’re visiting. The absurdity does not escape his client who snorts with contemptuous laughter. Thus endeth the friendship and influence of the Minx.

Richard Platt’s correspondence between the two demons as they strategize over condemning a soul to hell offers a lot of perspicacious insight for the reader. His observations about the modern female and her obsession with looks and male desirability that ultimately leads to desperation and plastic surgery as she ages was right on.

He also makes bold comments on our culture’s present mores concerning homosexuality, university education, art, and ethics that govern people’s professional and personal lives. His language is stark and clear but done with an affable wit that makes his book fun to read.

My only objection is a couple of questionable theological points he makes where he seems to imply that demons could be redeemed if they only returned to God. I don’t see that anywhere in the Bible.
Aside from that, I recommend this book that, if not as charming as Lewis’ Screwtape Letters, still goes a long way in offering insight into a sin sick society.

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