Tuesday, September 15, 2020

In the Dark, Soft Earth; poetry of love, nature, spirituality and dreams by Frank Watson

 These Bach Baroque Suites for guitar go perfectly with these sublime poems.


I would like to ask everyone to pray for all the people in the northwest who are experiencing the fires.  This includes personal family members and blogging friends and their families.



And while we're at it pray for the people on the Gulf Coast.  

Hopefully Hurricane Sally will become depressed, lose her will to survive and give up, like Marco did.




This is an embarrassingly late review.  I was given this collection of poetry months ago and time got away and then I flat out forgot.   I am actually not a fan of poetry, I don't know why.  Takes too much discipline to read. 


 Poetry isn't meant to be gulped, but savored.  I feel so overwhelmed with Mount TBR that I find myself reading non fiction and mysteries just because they're easy to devour.


I really enjoyed this book of poetry.  Maybe it is the minimalism.  One thing that does appeal to me in poetry is the painting of visual imagery through power of expressive words.  Frank Watson's words wash over me in rich, deep yet cool colors.  I am going to post a couple of the poems because they can speak well enough for themselves.



 to the poet there

is a love for beauty

 in all its terrifying forms  


in the quiet 

 stirrings before 

 the world wakes

 when even the night  

creatures cease to speak  


with distant sands 

 turned white as flecks

 on wild black hair I follow the Northern Winds 

 to where the world begins


  before Creation

 cast in stone 

 we built this world 

 on what was sown 


 since all eternity is rest

 why not use this

 time to do our best? 



pallid and hollow
we’ve drifted
through this town
for centuries
and no one’s home

her words
strung up
on stranded hair—
blown away
in the winter wind

smoke gun
thoughts in the air—
these words sit silent there

the naked despair
of a people
without courage
who wander
another’s land

in breathless prayer
for centuries
without imagination

where flames drive me deep
into the song of sleep
and the narrow road
that carries me off somewhere



And finally, one short one:


spoken word
fit into a cube
and packed, as is,
into another dimension
where the spoken word
shall never leave
I had a hard time formatting this.  Google decided to become more sophisticated and I'm struggling to catch up.
The collection has ten section, each on a different theme, introduced with a famous poem and beautiful paintings from Europe and Asia, from the Middle Ages to modern.
Finally, this is my honest review in exchange for an Arc copy.  I think I am legally obligated to say that.
I wish Frank Watson all the best and that many, many people enjoy his beautiful word painting. 
Gulf Coast at a more peaceful time.




Brian Joseph said...

I also sometimes have trouble with poetry. It takes patience and time. I like what you posted.

I so hope that these natural disasters abate soon. The loss to life and the serious disruption of lives is terrible.

Stephen said...

Poetry and I are always hit and miss -- some I love and remember forever, some just...passes me by. Of the two you posted, "Origins" speaks more to me than "Adrift", for whatever reason..

mudpuddle said...

i confess i like Elizabethan poetry better than modern: there's more action and ambiguity... these are nice, tho... ditto on Google: i'm a computer dolt anyway, and any time i do something right it seems like an accident, lol... we hope and trust Ms. Sally doesn't do you all wrong...

Sandi said...

Oh, Lord. The fires are just sickening.

Sharon Wilfong said...

Hi Brian!

I don't know why I have such a hard time disciplining myself to read poetry. It's worth it.

It looks like Sally has run her course. My parents got back their power yesterday.

Sharon Wilfong said...

Hi Stephen

That's what I wonder. Watson's poetry I found enjoyable to read, but normally I have a hard time. Why does one work speak to us, but not another?

Sharon Wilfong said...

Hi Mudpuddle,

You definitely have superior powers of concentration to mine. I have to work at reading Elizabethan poetry. That's probably an attitude problem on my part. I feel in such a hurry that I must rush through what I read.

Next year I am not going to require that I read so many books in a year. It really defeats the purpose of reading.

How's your children?

mudpuddle said...

my son went back to his house but my daughter is still evacuated... the air where we live is awful: impossible to spend any time outdoors...

Sharon Wilfong said...

Man! I'm sorry.

ashok said...

Loved your poetry

Sharon Wilfong said...

Hi Sandy, These are crazy, extreme days. But He is on His throne.

Sharon Wilfong said...

Thank you, Ashok!